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What are the benefits of switching to DTV?

Probably the largest benefit of going to an all digital broadcasting television system is that pare of the broadcast spectrum will be freed up to be used for public safety communication systems used by the police, fire departments, and rescue squads. Additionally, parts of the newly accessed broadcast spectrum will be auctioned off to companies so that they can provide consumers additional and more advanced wireless services, such as wireless broadband transmissions.

Consumers will notice that with the digital broadcasting system in place they will have an improved television picture and audio sound quality.

Digital signals also are more efficient and reliable that the old analog signals.

Broadcasters will be able to offer their customers their stations in ‘standard definition’ (SD) programs or ‘high definition’ (HD) programs through multicasting which allows the stations to offer several channels of digital programming all at the same time. Analog broadcasting only offered viewers one station with one program.