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How to get coupons for a DTV converter box

If you are currently using rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna for TV service you will need to get a DTV converter box before the big switch on February 17, 2009.

The good news: Uncle Sam is going to pick up the cost of a converter box by giving you two free $40 coupons. But you need to do something now to avoid missing the window. It's a first come first serve basis....the government says you should get this done before December 31st.

You have two options to get the on a phone, or head online. So let's get to work. First let's hit the phone. Just dial 1-800-DTV-2009.

Due to the popularity of these coupons, some callers may have to wait long periods of time, or even call back during night time hours. Once an operator picks up, you answer a few questions and you're done.

If you want an easier option...head to our website,, click on the DTV box at the very bottom right of the page, then click on "make the switch"...then... click "apply for TV converter box coupon".

Once the page changes, click the first option "apply for coupon". Enter in some basic information...and click submit...the following screen will give you a reference number. Jot that down. You can always come back to this site to track down your coupons.

When you're all done, you'll receive your coupons in the mail in 6 weeks or less, it will be a sheet with one or two cards that look like credit cards. Also remember, they expire in 90 days if not used. And look closely, the program supplies vendors within your area where you can redeem these cards. When you're all done you'll get a converter box and you'll be seeing a clear picture come February 17th.