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I used my coupon to buy this

I used my coupon to buy this unit and, if this is the best one out there, I'll go into debt and get cable! This unit is a huge disappointment. There's no manual program for channels, it drops signals all the time -- no matter what I do with my antenna, the remote has a mind of its own (it will channel up when I press channel down, volume up when I press volume down, etc.) and the only time the remote sends a signal to the box with no problem is when turning the box on or off.

Recently, the box began emitting a high-pitched, piercing whine when the box is turned off. Over the past month it has gotten so loud that I can hear it from 60-70 feet away. I have to unplug the box when it's off to avoid going crazy!

If there's a comparable box out there with decent reviews, I recommend getting that brand instead!


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