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I wish to thank you guys: 1.

I wish to thank you guys:
1. Anonymous on Mon, 04/27/2009 - 21:20... At first did not take seriously the recomandation of the instructions to use RCA audio/video cable....
2. Anonymous on Wed, 04/29/2009 - 21:22. I took your suggestion and changed the cabling to the composite video/stereo cable and now I also have a beautiful picture and sound with NO BUZZING. .....
3. Anonymous on Wed, 07/17/2009 - 22:08. Wow, I didn't think it would make a difference either, but switching to using the three rca plugs ....

My wife bought two of these HD Access converters from CVS using coupons. At first try I got nothing!!! Threw both boxes into the closet. Last week I bought new amplified antenna (Terk) and gave another try. Before TV went digital I used to get one channel only on TV and fuzzy at that (my closest transmitters are 45 miles away). I could not believe my eyes - converter found me ...8 channels: ABC, CBS, NBC sport, RTV, 3 public channels, and 24 hour weather!!! But my happiness was premature: every 40 sec or so converter made terrible buzzing noise, as if signal weakens. No matter what I did, buzzing sound stayed. It drove me nuts. I decided to throw this converter out the window and get another one, brand name instead. And then while looking for solution on internet I saw your suggestions of switching coax cable with 3 plug shielded RCA. Boy!!! Buzzing is gone, and now I have a crystal clear reception that rivals cable, with digital quality sound! Thank you guys for saving me from grief...


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