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I bought this box a few

I bought this box a few months ago with a $40 coupon. I thought it was a flimsy, inferior piece of equipment, but it would do because I rarely watch network broadcasts.

It gets dangerously hot, so I unplug it when I'm not using it. I think it could start a fire if left unattended.

The box frequently flashes an error message RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN that says something like "Your antenna isn't good enough. Call 1-800-something for information about better antennas".

This is EXTREMELY annoying, because I can see around the small error message that the picture is usually fine.

Unfortunately, a few days ago the digital switchover became permanent, and I somehow lost two digital channels I was getting before. Moving the antenna, rescanning, nothing brings them back.

Whenever the wind blows hard, or it rains, the picture scrambles.

If I watched the broadcast networks more often, I would be angry about this digital switchover, and angry about purchasing this crummy little ACCESS HD converter box. The rabbit ears I used in the analog days got many channels with a pretty good picture. Digitally, I get less than half as many channels.


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