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Access HD model DTA1030D.

Access HD model DTA1030D. At first did not take seriously the recomandation of the instructions to use RCA audio/video cable instead of just coaxial. With the coaxial I was disappointed with both the picture and poor audio that had a background hum noise. So I stashed the box away for several months. But now the local public TV staion and another local station went all digital early, so I gave the box another try. I could not bear the results again with the coaxial cable, and though skeptical it would make a difference I bought a shielded composite vidio/stereo audio cable and hooked that up. The difference is like night and day. Great picture and sound. But for the sound you have to turn up the volume to max in the box, and then regulate the volume with the TV set. Sound works fine that way. But by all means use composite video/stereo audio cable and not coax. The picture is great, though obviously I can not compare it to other boxes.


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