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Hello everyone, I too had the

Hello everyone, I too had the very same issues with this tuner!
I had it sitting around here for the last 5 years and I just fixed it!

It was infact a Bulged Capacitor C8 as well.

There are Two main voltages in the power supply board.
A 19v or 20v supply and a 5v supply, C8 is the 5v filtercap.

I used a 470uf 16v to replace C8 with as it was all that I had in my junk box of parts.
There is no need to use anything with a higher voltage than 10V for this part, But it doesn't hurt if you choose to do so.

The issue is of just the poor quality cap's that were used in the unit.
This is a common occurrence in todays electronics.

But, I have never had this happen to me EVER in any of my pieces of modern equipment,especially within one year of owning the device.

C8 is on the power supply board and not the main board as previously mentioned.

Thank You, To whom ever started this thread as it really helped me out.
It works now!

To bad there isn't anything I can do increase the picture quality and sensitivity of this unit as I was never happy about that, even though I can find almost all of the data on the chips that are in the unit.

Thanks Again!!!


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