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Blame the Government! Now

Blame the Government!

Now mine crapped out in the middle of the Olympics:(

Our class action lawsuit should be against the GOVERNMENT! This is what they've done with our tax dollars?!!! It started under Bush's administration but Obama let it happen. Over the air broadcast was just fine and technically much better for our national security to be able receive signals everywhere without any of these problems.

If anything, the government should offer rebates and warranties for free equipment to people as long as people own older model, fine working TVS. Most of us using these boxes do so because we're financially challenged and they found a way to stick it to us even worse.

If anyone has the legal capacities to file a class action lawsuit about this, count me IN! I'll bookmark this page and check back in.

Mine is the same story as so many, it's stuck on the red light. This last week it started acting up so that even if it turned green, it wouldn't pick up any signals. After jiggling it and trying multiple times, I was able to get it working until today.

Thanks very much to you who have shared info about possible ways to fix it. I took off the cover, voided the warranty that was already expired but to be honest I don't know what I'm looking at and will have to research into capacitors.

Tonight I'll research more into it and tomorrow will go into Radioshack. Presently, I'm unemployed, a struggling entrepreneur, suffering in this economy. You know TV can be an entertaining break from stress. The Olympics was some vicarious cheering and pride in our nation. So much for that.

Now I'll concentrate on getting more money coming in but you know, my TV works just fine and most stuff on cable is crap and not worth my attention. It makes me angry that I have to pay more for broadcat TV, something we all know should be free.

At least I know now I not alone in this and will certainly never buy POS Apex electronics again.

Best wishes and good luck for us all,



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