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Another...TWO bite the dust!

Another...TWO bite the dust! Bought two units from Best Buy in '09 Had one in the line since 4/09 when we had DISH installed. Started playing with it a month ago when DISH prices got too close to $50 a month...found the cable connections in the back of the APEX were loose! Afraid to keep it in the line, I opened the second unit (was new, opened the box) and installed it being very careful not to put any torque on the cable connections - now it's dropping channels, turning itself off every so often, and has always had a lot of "dotted lines" in the picture. Our new digital TV in the bedroom, and the basement converter box (not Apex) do not have any dotted lines in the picture. Have begun the complaint process through Montana state attorney general's office and recorded conversations with Best Buy, and Apex, who gave me a different number to call that no one answers. What a piece of crap.


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