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Have some laughs: (.....

Have some laughs: (..... pouring myself a beer)

This definitely is a power supply problem. Just look at the bottom or top of the board . If there is discoloration then the supply is working hard. It's usually discolored right around the caps. This is not a bad batch of parts but rather a poorly designed power supply. Either you need correctly rated parts or drill some more holes in the case and mount a fan on it (Note:sarcasm, do not drill holes or add fan)

I have repaired many of these and what I have found is :

"Remote doing it's own thing" is noise in the power supply or low voltage to the main board. Change the caps . But change them to higher working voltage. I have used axial and radial caps rated at 50 V.(most of the folks that have dt-250's are kinda tight on money right now) The caps are located at the connector end of the power supply board ( look for the line cord). There are 4 of them 470uF at 25V .... replace these with 470uF at 35V ( and I have used whatever I could find in the cap drawer that was 470uF and 35V or better((higher than 35v))). Just Watch The Polarity.......mark the Negative lead for yourself. You have to do all 4 because they will eventually fail one by one. Insulate the leads with sleeving or shmeer it with some hot glue.

If it's dead and you did replace caps. Check the solder joints on the main board.I know most don't have access to inspection scopes....magnifying glass is borderline for what you're looking for. If you find a bad joint it has to be reflowed/reheated. I know most do not have access to SMT stations so file the end of a soldering iron to a fine tip. A handy trick is to unscrew the tip of the rat-shack soldering iron and replace it with a piece of 12 ga copper wire.( bottom out the screw on the tip so it's tight ) You can file and cut on the 12 ga wire all you want. Flux will eat away hot copper but your only going to use this once. Don't drink any caffeine for a few days before you attempt to reheat a leg on any of those chips. Watch for cross connection after soldering.
These units really suck when it come to power outages. Every time the power glitches a new batch arrives. Check the components on the shaded side of the board ( AC side, HOT side). Watch the replacement of any of those parts. You will make smoke and fire if anything is wrong.
I'm not getting into chip replacement here. These units are not worth the time.

Once you get it working make sure you allow this thing to "breath".......don't put it inside the TV stand with the glass front closed or place anything around it that could block the vents. It needs air flow.

The red light problem is power supply. Replace the 4 caps. WATCH THE POLARITY.

Those caps are working very hard and they will fail by over heating and leaking out. I've only seen a couple that have blown apart.( the wonderful sound of something rattling around) Again get caps at 35v or higher.

I've had a few units where the caps failed by shorting out......IMO if the cap replacement doesn't work ....junk it's not worth the time.( it's easier to find one at a garage sale or at the curb that can be fixed) I've looked at these with all sorts of equipment and really have no interest in reversing the ckt ( unless to get restitution from the manufacturer)'s junk. There are other components to replace but most folks do not have capability with Surface Mount components.

This really truly sucks,,, working people that got forced into this digital crap should not spend good money to fix a piss poor design. Rural TV news anchors are scary looking in hi-def. I have a good mind to get a collection going for makeup and mole removal. Beer won't do it ....whiskey.

What the hell was wrong with the analog signal. Point is, I have the equipment but those around me don't.

There are folks that can't even receive the digital signal......WARNING GOING OFF TOPIC:analog could reach out and touch ya'.....thank goodness for fast internet connections and a good usenet account( forget that bit torrent stuff...why share when you can leech)( google the following : "usenet provider" ....I like giga-news( no , I don't work for them, yes they all charge $) NZB's.......then find alt-binz the proggy that will download the NZB' a smug fashion, ironically download the nzb for winrar, your gonna need this ...files need to be uncompressed....find a cheap media player (WD)......use a tera byte drive as a jump drive from PC to media player( walmart or neweggs)....forget about DVD or Blu-ray won't need them.....welcome to the digital age...This is a very bad thing to do .......I only have heard of this and do not endorse or advise you to do this...I'm just letting you know what people have to resort to to watch decent commercial-free TV......and don't get me started on the music , apps and games these people are downloading....)

Sorry another beer

Some clever Thomas Edison designed this thing with absolutely no head room for operation. ( Must have been drinkin')


The company is a bunch of crooks that wanted to save some $$$$$.Seems like all the components on the supply board are at the bleeding edge of their ratings. They wanted to save themselves a couple of pennies on cheaper caps.

Message to the designer: "Say ,was this a high school project or what?" WTF were you thinking? Ain't you heard about current ratings???Why didn't you just grab the bigger supply off the shelf? How much did this really make you???? Don't call me "round eye".

I'm Back again....had to get refreshment....eventually I plan to click "send"

Really, if you think about it, the Government got cheated with all this voucher stuff.
I know what your thinking.... stop it ....the government is "not in on it"....they would've sent everyone vouchers for flat screens.Everyone could watch commercials and add to the economy....hehehe.

Take the government comment with a grain of salt....the rural areas are just filled with conspiracy theorists. They are GREAT people once you get to know em'.

If you ever find yourself fixing one these from a rural area there are some things to remember.

When something unexplained breaks, it's aliens or the government.
Don't tell them about blown capacitors. They will hit you .
Tell them it was "Eckno" rays from the planet mars. At this point you should be offered a beer. You are now one of the family. Please consider beer adequate payment for the caps.
For the price of 4 caps my home and family are protected from alien invasion and those pesky black helicopters......hehehehe

Don't hurt yourself ......don't use welding equipment......propane torches are welding equipment....only use the propane whack method for mass removal of parts...don't heat up a push pin with the torch and then use the pin ain't gonna work

Don't let any of the magic smoke genie's out of the square black thingy's on the board......

If all you get is smoke and sparks .....don't blame me

Have a Great Day!!!


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