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Memorex MVCB1000

Memorex MVCB1000
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I made the mistake of pulling

I made the mistake of pulling the plugs of my converter and TV from the wall outlet to move some furniture, and now the converter box doesn't work. I have to toggle the Standby button and hope that I get the Auto-boot screen in blue. Then, I might see one of the lousy four channels that it previously programmed. Unfortunately, if auto-boot comes up in b/w, I have no color. I might have no sound, as well. Can't get the menu to come up so that I can try reprogramming. This is a POS! The government mandated this conversion to digital code (I don't remember reading THAT in the Constitution), and these companies took advantage of the fact that this was forced upon us. We bought our TV in December 2006, when the industry KNEW that the government was heading for digital transition, and they still sold us an analog set. It's all about MONEY, people!

piece of crap only lasted 3

piece of crap only lasted 3 months!!!!!!!!

Junk! Bought two last year

Junk! Bought two last year and hooked them up when the changeover came this year. One quit working within 3 months.
Called my representative, Mike Michaud 4 times, suggesting any money Memorex made from the coupons should be returned to the government. His office promised each time to check into it and get back to me and I have yet to hear anything. My last call was about 4 months ago. Everyone should call their senators and representatives and complain until something is done. Memorex, and I'm sure others, just took advantage of the government coupons to make some quick cash.

junk i agree

junk i agree

Bought this brand of digital

Bought this brand of digital converter box four months ago and now is not working anymore! Product guarantee is only for 90 days. Buyers beware, the product is not good.

yes piece of junk i bougt 2

yes piece of junk i bougt 2 of these memorex converter boxes 2 months ago now they don't work

Welcome to the club of, "I

Welcome to the club of, "I bought a piece of crap!" We bought 2 of them. After 4 months the first one quit working. Called the company told it was out of warranty. I put up a hissy fit and they replaced it. While I sent the other one back, the 2nd one quit working. They will not help me with this one. It is a piece of JUNK!!!! So we are a home without Television.
Sue from Syracuse,NY

me too ---junk

me too ---junk