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Purchases two of these units.

Purchases two of these units. Both are now having problems. Box 1 green light has dimmed and when the tv is turned on no program is indicated, turning off and on several times will eventually get the program. Box 2 turns itself on and off during programming. Amazing they both failed at the same time. Hoped there were recalls but no luck

Purchased two of these. The

Purchased two of these. The first one two months prior to the actual digital switchover date. It just died (9-21-2010). Now I'm just wondering how long before the other one goes out. The second one is still giving a great picture on our old analog 21" TV. we also get 68 clear channels (near Los Angeles area).

i dont recommend this at

i dont recommend this at all. When i first got this converter box, all the channels work and the signal was great. however, now i can only watch two channels. all the other channels either says weak signal or no program.

I'd say this is a better

I'd say this is a better machine.
It's not I have problem with this machine. But I have problem connecting TV-Converter-VCR.
I followed the procedure described and I know I did it 100%correctly. But there's no reception at all if I tuned in Ch. 3 on TV & Ch.3 on VCR. That's the way it's supposed to be, so we can get tv signal from VCR as well.
I know I did it correctly as far as connecting TV-Converter-VCR because I did it for my aunt's old Sony TV.
I myself have a Philips LCD TV. I could get beautiful high quality TV signals if I just connected TV-Converter. But absolutely nothing if I connected TV-Converter-VCR.
Anyone can help?

Connect the TV out line on

Connect the TV out line on the converter box to VCR in. Then connect the VCR out line to the TV in. Make sure the back of the TV converter box is tuned in to work on Ch. 3. Make sure the TV is on Ch. 3 & even the VCR as well. I just bought & hooked up my D.S. converter box today in this fashion, along with an amplified TV antenna, and I get 68 channels that are crystal clear. Furthermore, it is important to utilize the antenna signal strength option under menu/channel.

Due to the fact that this product has an electronic programing guild, universal remote to control TV, signal strength meter & easy set up, I would rate this product 10/10!

With the conversion not

With the conversion not completed yet... I still get twice the channels I used to!
Worth the change if you're receiving over-the-air signals!

I'm quite impressed by this

I'm quite impressed by this converter box. It transmits excellent picture quality. And, it was able to pick up 25 channels prior to the digital changeover. Now, with the changeover, it picks up 35.

It does have a petite design. The body's made of plastic; however, I do not consider this box to be cheaply made. It does have a solid feel to it, but it is small. And, to some, that may make it feel cheap.

It does have a meter, so you can gauge the best position for your antenna. However, I would suggest using the actual clarity of the picture to determine the adjustment of your antenna. And, you can use the meter to confirm how strong the signal is. This technique gives me the best picture quality.

If you're looking for an antenna, I would suggest Radio Shack's hdtv antenna model#15-1868. It costs $20.

I still consider the Zenith one of the best; however, I find it hard to believe that any box out there can transmit better picture quality than this little box. Overall, I would rate the digital stream dtx9950 an A-.

I only have two minor complaints about this box. It is small. And, it runs a little hot; however, I have not tested any of the other boxes.

The digital stream dtx9950 transmits a picture quality that's comparable to anything I've seen on cable or satelite dish.

I agree! This is the best of

I agree! This is the best of 3 models I have bought. I plan to return the one I bought without the coupon. The extra $10.00 is well worth it. You do indeed get what you pay for! With this box I am using a digital antenna I bought from a dollar store for $5.00. The picture quality and sound is excellent. No picture distortion so far. I recommend this model!