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Apex DT1001

Apex DT1001
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We used our gov't issued

We used our gov't issued coupons to get our converter boxes. Both of the Apex converters died after only 2 months. We foolishly bought another one and, guess what? It went out on us. We called the 800# and talked to someone with a thick foreign accent who was impossible to understand. After calling several times the 'customer rep' gave us some of the most stupid things to do such as holding down the power button for 15 seconds. What a joke! When we tried to send it back they told us their computer was down and we needed to call the following day. You got it, they told us the same thing the next day. We finally gave up.

I too purchased this brand

I too purchased this brand with my government coupon. What a piece of junk. Anyone who did so should be entitled to a refund or the option to return for a different brand. I have had mine since July and tried to give it the benefit of consistent use before I realized it was not worth the box it came in. So now I have no choice but to pitch it and purchase something else at my own expense.

Piece of JUNK that died after

Piece of JUNK that died after 2 months. STAY AWAY from APEX!!!

I used my coupon to buy this

I used my coupon to buy this unit and, if this is the best one out there, I'll go into debt and get cable! This unit is a huge disappointment. There's no manual program for channels, it drops signals all the time -- no matter what I do with my antenna, the remote has a mind of its own (it will channel up when I press channel down, volume up when I press volume down, etc.) and the only time the remote sends a signal to the box with no problem is when turning the box on or off.

Recently, the box began emitting a high-pitched, piercing whine when the box is turned off. Over the past month it has gotten so loud that I can hear it from 60-70 feet away. I have to unplug the box when it's off to avoid going crazy!

If there's a comparable box out there with decent reviews, I recommend getting that brand instead!

Can't validate Specifications for S-Video

One site shows that this is the only Digital Converter Box with both S-Video In and S-Video out.
Of course, consumers should only consider boxes with S-Video out (along with composit Video and discrete audio).
If this has a S-Video input - it would be hugely unique because other S-video devices could be used as an input with out buying another $55 of unnecessary cables and switch boxes.