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Access HD DTA1010D

Access HD DTA1010D
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I bought one of these units

I bought one of these units and paid full price. It doesn't work and the company tells me that if they decide it works they will put an additional $80.00 on my credit card. I have used a Magnavox belonging to someone else and it works fine. I paid $60.00 and I refuse to give them my credit card number so I am just out either way.

Access HD DTA1080D

Have 2 of these boxes. First one hooked up works great. Second one I am having problems. The picture is fine, but there is a loud humming noise in the background. I have had this problem with cable TV in the past. The humming had to do with the 2 volumes. One on the TV set itself, and the other on the cable remote. It is solved by turning one of the remotes' volume all the way down while the other remote's all the wsy down. The problem I am now having is with a antena analog TV with just the Access HD DTA1080 hooked up to it. I have tried the solution above, but it does not work. I have unplugged the box and plugged it into another outlet. I have checked the connections to the box and to the TV. The connections seem ok. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found a solution, and what is it? Any help would be appreciated.

We just got one of these

We just got one of these today, and there is a "crinkling" sound on it. There is no cable or satellite on the TV, just our antenna. Another brand of box works perfectly with the same set up. I'm taking it back to ABC tomorrow.

good converter, bad mfr. warranty service

Converter works well, but had a colassal hassle getting the defective remote replaced. After several emails, phone calls, and finally a letter to the manufacturer, the mfr. replaced it.