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oh my god, people are still

oh my god, people are still buying these off ebay, amazon, and I think they're still sold in stores! The Apex converters are crap. Do not waste your money on it.

Summary of problems: 1. either the remote dies which makes the box useless since you won't be able to change channel 2. the box doesn't turn on 3. it overheats

The remote died on mine within a few weeks and I didn't even watch tv with it.

I bought 2 zenith ones before Circuit City went out of business and they're still working. And they have buttons on the box too.

Remote died, renders box

Remote died, renders box useless. Wanted to replace it, but no-one answers the numbers given. I have two boxes - second remote works. Any way to fix remote?

Hello everyone, I too had the

Hello everyone, I too had the very same issues with this tuner!
I had it sitting around here for the last 5 years and I just fixed it!

It was infact a Bulged Capacitor C8 as well.

There are Two main voltages in the power supply board.
A 19v or 20v supply and a 5v supply, C8 is the 5v filtercap.

I used a 470uf 16v to replace C8 with as it was all that I had in my junk box of parts.
There is no need to use anything with a higher voltage than 10V for this part, But it doesn't hurt if you choose to do so.

The issue is of just the poor quality cap's that were used in the unit.
This is a common occurrence in todays electronics.

But, I have never had this happen to me EVER in any of my pieces of modern equipment,especially within one year of owning the device.

C8 is on the power supply board and not the main board as previously mentioned.

Thank You, To whom ever started this thread as it really helped me out.
It works now!

To bad there isn't anything I can do increase the picture quality and sensitivity of this unit as I was never happy about that, even though I can find almost all of the data on the chips that are in the unit.

Thanks Again!!!

Piece of junk.

Piece of junk.

470 uF 25v mini capacitor it

470 uF 25v mini capacitor
it cost $0.26 and 5 mins to fix

remove the cover
you should see the buldged cap on the power supply board

unplug all connections on psu
remove four screws hold pcb

de-solder cap

install pcb
reconnect cables
replace cover

I have the exact same problem

I have the exact same problem with my Apex converter box, and it just happened out of the blue after being OK for the last 3 years.
Since we're all having the same problem, it's obvious the brand is a cheap piece of junk.

What I want to know is, does anyone know of a GOOD converter box to buy. I'm not into opening it up and messing with wires and sodering, etc. I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing. Help! Any positive advice?




Blame the Government! Now

Blame the Government!

Now mine crapped out in the middle of the Olympics:(

Our class action lawsuit should be against the GOVERNMENT! This is what they've done with our tax dollars?!!! It started under Bush's administration but Obama let it happen. Over the air broadcast was just fine and technically much better for our national security to be able receive signals everywhere without any of these problems.

If anything, the government should offer rebates and warranties for free equipment to people as long as people own older model, fine working TVS. Most of us using these boxes do so because we're financially challenged and they found a way to stick it to us even worse.

If anyone has the legal capacities to file a class action lawsuit about this, count me IN! I'll bookmark this page and check back in.

Mine is the same story as so many, it's stuck on the red light. This last week it started acting up so that even if it turned green, it wouldn't pick up any signals. After jiggling it and trying multiple times, I was able to get it working until today.

Thanks very much to you who have shared info about possible ways to fix it. I took off the cover, voided the warranty that was already expired but to be honest I don't know what I'm looking at and will have to research into capacitors.

Tonight I'll research more into it and tomorrow will go into Radioshack. Presently, I'm unemployed, a struggling entrepreneur, suffering in this economy. You know TV can be an entertaining break from stress. The Olympics was some vicarious cheering and pride in our nation. So much for that.

Now I'll concentrate on getting more money coming in but you know, my TV works just fine and most stuff on cable is crap and not worth my attention. It makes me angry that I have to pay more for broadcat TV, something we all know should be free.

At least I know now I not alone in this and will certainly never buy POS Apex electronics again.

Best wishes and good luck for us all,


Yes us to as well, didn't

Yes us to as well, didn't last but a few months and I agree with each and every in of you, and honestly we never had to do this till bush and Obama just let it happen,Not just anyone can afford cable tv, or replacing the boxes all the time. And it sure gets boring watching the same old movies over n over, especially with kids....The Government should be ashamed, yes we all want jobs or on fixed income..Doesn't mean we can afford this crap..

Yep, us too. We got two of

Yep, us too. We got two of these and each one lasted almost exactly one year, both having the red light issue (won't turn on when pressed manually or with remote, flashes a couple times) There was no warning, they each suddenly stopped. CHEAP CHEAP

too bad. :(

too bad. :(

Apparently the boxes are over

Apparently the boxes are over heatin, I had the same problem so what I did was remove the top and gently wiggle the compasitors and never had the problem again.

It is very interesting that

It is very interesting that nobody mentioned the obvious. The small yellow transformer gets very very hot. Any parts that you replace will eventually blow out again. To permanently fix the problem, you can either leave the cover off, or cut a square hole directly above the yellow transformer, slightly larger than the transformer. I cut the hole, and leave my unit on 24/7 and after replacing one blown capacitor, I've never had any more major problems.

It appears there are two

It appears there are two different problems here 1 Being "the red light issue" 2 Being It powers on and off but does nothing else, No picture or anything.
I have the second condition, There are two boards, The small one the power cord goes to, would be the power supply board. The larger one would be where my problem is I suspect.

I got mine as a gift a few months ago, its from Walmart, Does anyone know if they will replace it w/o a receipt?

Yep on mine the green light

Yep on mine the green light comes on but no pitcture. Its not the antenna because when i hooked up the antenna by itself i can get the stations from Mexico. I live in juarez and can get channels from Mexico without a box but none from El Paso. So can any one help with this by telling me what it might be

did you try and resolve the

did you try and resolve the issue after you opened the box?
were you able to fix it?
if you did fix it, what part was replaced. I have a similar problem, box turn on from red to green but no pic at all, what part do i need to replace?

I have the same problem as

I have the same problem as described above. Did you find a solution to it?

no they gave me a hard time

no they gave me a hard time with the receipt

Well add me to the list of

Well add me to the list of folks where their box is no longer working. I also have a high pitched noise coming from the box and the red light stays on the whole time. I can't turn it on (light goes green). This is a piece of garbage.

I too have a DT250. MB V2.0

I too have a DT250. MB V2.0 2008 05 31. I have had problems from the beginning. Light is now red and blinks red when pressed but the box does not turn on. It started by loosing channels and having to re-scan about once a month. Now nothing. I agree with the class action. On the instructables web site it talks about replacing the bad caps. when I look 3 have been replaced and there are 5 that are bubbled on top.s

I just filed my complaint

I just filed my complaint amongst hundreds, maybe even thousands of others who got "bilked" with this unit. Even the government has a hand in it by handing out those coupons to force people to buy a piece o' crap who can't afford cable. Here is the site and I filed MY complaint:

I'd like to know where this

I'd like to know where this class action suit is. Mine is doing the same thing everyone in here is talking about. Red light stays on and it won't turn on. I'll join the class action...just send me in that direction. I hate getting ripped off! you can find me at figgeritout at gmail.

need replacement

need replacement remotecotrol, how I get and where to get? Its APEX DT250A

how to get one

how to get one

i need a replacment remote

i need a replacment remote also i can't find a phone to call them if any one known the number please post

Do you need a remote? I'll go

Do you need a remote?

I'll go without TV for a while and get a different brand converter. My remote was working until the red light on the box problem.

I looked at the guts of this thing and won't go through the frustration trying to be an electrical engineer on this pos thing.

I'll hang onto the remote. Hopefully I can help someone. Contact me at

Bought 2 Apex Converter boxes

Bought 2 Apex Converter boxes about 2 years ago. One stop working less than a year and now the second one just died on me. luckily I was able to use those coupons to get them for a discounted price. I am still pissed though. POS's is what they are! I would have been more furious if I had paid $100 for them. POS-Pieces of shit!!! NOw you cant find a decent priced one anywhere so you are forced to either by a new one for no more than $50 (cheapest one Ive priced so far), buy a HDTV or get cable!! (shaking my head)

Saturday night it worked

Saturday night it worked fine. I turned it off and went to bed. When I woke up yesterday morning (Sunday), all i wanted to do was watch tv. When I turned the tv on, nothing happened. I checked all the connections, checked to see if the tv was working by playing a video game, then let it sit over night. It won't send signal to the tv. The button stays red, but when I mash it it turns green. It's also emitting a very high pitched noise that I need to turn off right now.

That was actually the tv, but whatever. The only thing I can conclude is that the converter box is toast. I'm going to crack it open and see what's inside. I live near a Radioshack; maybe I can swing by.

In not against the digital conversion, but if you're going to participate in a government-enforced program to give people stuff, at least make it worth our time.

simple fix,$2.00

simple fix,$2.00 capacitor,you can get it at radio shack

Do they also tell you how to

Do they also tell you how to fix it ? I have 2 that have died- 1 just this weekend, the other after less than a few months.. I totally agree these are POS and the government should replace them... Just another way to get MONEY from the poor folk!!

Another...TWO bite the dust!

Another...TWO bite the dust! Bought two units from Best Buy in '09 Had one in the line since 4/09 when we had DISH installed. Started playing with it a month ago when DISH prices got too close to $50 a month...found the cable connections in the back of the APEX were loose! Afraid to keep it in the line, I opened the second unit (was new, opened the box) and installed it being very careful not to put any torque on the cable connections - now it's dropping channels, turning itself off every so often, and has always had a lot of "dotted lines" in the picture. Our new digital TV in the bedroom, and the basement converter box (not Apex) do not have any dotted lines in the picture. Have begun the complaint process through Montana state attorney general's office and recorded conversations with Best Buy, and Apex, who gave me a different number to call that no one answers. What a piece of crap.

I have not had the red light

I have not had the red light go out yet, but the tv picture keeps scrambling and pausing like its looking for the channels. The goverment pushed everyone to get the digital tv converter boxes only to have them not work right.

Has anyone started a class

Has anyone started a class action lawsuit again APEX and Best Buy? They should at the minimum be forced to offer walk-in refurbished replacements to all the customers who have these boxes that died. Consumer action is apparently the only way they are going to care that they sold crappy product cashing lots of the fed tax dollar coupons.



My converter box died

My converter box died today.What happened to good old fashion air waves.This sucks!

I agree with you digital

I agree with you digital sucks. Anolog did not loss your sigals like digital does.

well heres the kicker, "air

well heres the kicker, "air waves" are still around. just switched to a digit format HA!

I too have had my converter

I too have had my converter box for less than a year. I tried taking it back to Target and they don't even sell them anymore. They told me they couldn't help me. The light won't even come on anymore. I was getting the red light, but it would go off if I tried to turn on the power button. I am on a fixed income and am not mechanically knowledgable. I wouldn't know how to take the thing apart and solder anything. Does anybody know what else I could do?

I just repaired mine last

I just repaired mine last night. My power light was staying red and would not turn green. Just a black screen. There was only one capacitor that was replaced. It is on the power board. It was a 470uf 25v capacitor. I got one at Radioshack for $1.20. It was 470uf 35v. The voltage has to be the same or can be higher than the original. The 470uf needs to be the same. I replaced it and it works again. It's possible that it may be a different cap in other converters. Just look for one that is bloated on top.



Thank You will certainly give

Thank You will certainly give it a try!! Worth it for under $2.00.

I just had one crap out last

I just had one crap out last night too. It's the same cap that opened up. I'll try and replace it later today. Seems to be a common problem with these. FYI...the Digital Stream Converters at Radio Shack are no better...they have a 330uF 16V cap that goes bad on the power supply too. I've had to change two of them already, Never had these problems when the world was analog!

I will have to repair one but

I will have to repair one but do not have the unit here, is this a radial cap or axial one will try and pick one up ahead of time>


My Apex converter seemed to

My Apex converter seemed to have stopped working. The on/off button stayed on but the TV showed nothing but static. Push the button and it would not go off - it stayed on. Remote control would not turn it off either. Then I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Now it stays red (off) and neither the remote nor pushing the button will change it from red to green. Still just static on the TV. Last night I bought a new Apex converter and had the same problem, so I think the problem is not in the converter. Do I need a digital antenna? Do I need a new TV? Help!

this thing is a piece of

this thing is a piece of crap. designed to die right at 1 year warranty.
Power out... won't turn back on.

My second (had two rebate

My second (had two rebate coupons) just died after 7 months. The first one did last about a year. All I can say is "junk". My ONLY consolation is that I had the rebate coupons and did pay full price for them. IF you are still in the market for a converter, AVOID THIS ONE AT ALL COST (unless you can get a dozen or so for free).

My APEX digital converter box

My APEX digital converter box just died after only one year. I was watching TV and the set went off. The light on the converter box went from green to red.

I have two that died within

I have two that died within two weeks of each other. I can turn both of the on and off but that is all I can do with it. It will not anything else. What can I do to rectify this without buying a new one or having to go get cable?

Have some laughs: (.....

Have some laughs: (..... pouring myself a beer)

This definitely is a power supply problem. Just look at the bottom or top of the board . If there is discoloration then the supply is working hard. It's usually discolored right around the caps. This is not a bad batch of parts but rather a poorly designed power supply. Either you need correctly rated parts or drill some more holes in the case and mount a fan on it (Note:sarcasm, do not drill holes or add fan)

I have repaired many of these and what I have found is :

"Remote doing it's own thing" is noise in the power supply or low voltage to the main board. Change the caps . But change them to higher working voltage. I have used axial and radial caps rated at 50 V.(most of the folks that have dt-250's are kinda tight on money right now) The caps are located at the connector end of the power supply board ( look for the line cord). There are 4 of them 470uF at 25V .... replace these with 470uF at 35V ( and I have used whatever I could find in the cap drawer that was 470uF and 35V or better((higher than 35v))). Just Watch The Polarity.......mark the Negative lead for yourself. You have to do all 4 because they will eventually fail one by one. Insulate the leads with sleeving or shmeer it with some hot glue.

If it's dead and you did replace caps. Check the solder joints on the main board.I know most don't have access to inspection scopes....magnifying glass is borderline for what you're looking for. If you find a bad joint it has to be reflowed/reheated. I know most do not have access to SMT stations so file the end of a soldering iron to a fine tip. A handy trick is to unscrew the tip of the rat-shack soldering iron and replace it with a piece of 12 ga copper wire.( bottom out the screw on the tip so it's tight ) You can file and cut on the 12 ga wire all you want. Flux will eat away hot copper but your only going to use this once. Don't drink any caffeine for a few days before you attempt to reheat a leg on any of those chips. Watch for cross connection after soldering.
These units really suck when it come to power outages. Every time the power glitches a new batch arrives. Check the components on the shaded side of the board ( AC side, HOT side). Watch the replacement of any of those parts. You will make smoke and fire if anything is wrong.
I'm not getting into chip replacement here. These units are not worth the time.

Once you get it working make sure you allow this thing to "breath".......don't put it inside the TV stand with the glass front closed or place anything around it that could block the vents. It needs air flow.

The red light problem is power supply. Replace the 4 caps. WATCH THE POLARITY.

Those caps are working very hard and they will fail by over heating and leaking out. I've only seen a couple that have blown apart.( the wonderful sound of something rattling around) Again get caps at 35v or higher.

I've had a few units where the caps failed by shorting out......IMO if the cap replacement doesn't work ....junk it's not worth the time.( it's easier to find one at a garage sale or at the curb that can be fixed) I've looked at these with all sorts of equipment and really have no interest in reversing the ckt ( unless to get restitution from the manufacturer)'s junk. There are other components to replace but most folks do not have capability with Surface Mount components.

This really truly sucks,,, working people that got forced into this digital crap should not spend good money to fix a piss poor design. Rural TV news anchors are scary looking in hi-def. I have a good mind to get a collection going for makeup and mole removal. Beer won't do it ....whiskey.

What the hell was wrong with the analog signal. Point is, I have the equipment but those around me don't.

There are folks that can't even receive the digital signal......WARNING GOING OFF TOPIC:analog could reach out and touch ya'.....thank goodness for fast internet connections and a good usenet account( forget that bit torrent stuff...why share when you can leech)( google the following : "usenet provider" ....I like giga-news( no , I don't work for them, yes they all charge $) NZB's.......then find alt-binz the proggy that will download the NZB' a smug fashion, ironically download the nzb for winrar, your gonna need this ...files need to be uncompressed....find a cheap media player (WD)......use a tera byte drive as a jump drive from PC to media player( walmart or neweggs)....forget about DVD or Blu-ray won't need them.....welcome to the digital age...This is a very bad thing to do .......I only have heard of this and do not endorse or advise you to do this...I'm just letting you know what people have to resort to to watch decent commercial-free TV......and don't get me started on the music , apps and games these people are downloading....)

Sorry another beer

Some clever Thomas Edison designed this thing with absolutely no head room for operation. ( Must have been drinkin')


The company is a bunch of crooks that wanted to save some $$$$$.Seems like all the components on the supply board are at the bleeding edge of their ratings. They wanted to save themselves a couple of pennies on cheaper caps.

Message to the designer: "Say ,was this a high school project or what?" WTF were you thinking? Ain't you heard about current ratings???Why didn't you just grab the bigger supply off the shelf? How much did this really make you???? Don't call me "round eye".

I'm Back again....had to get refreshment....eventually I plan to click "send"

Really, if you think about it, the Government got cheated with all this voucher stuff.
I know what your thinking.... stop it ....the government is "not in on it"....they would've sent everyone vouchers for flat screens.Everyone could watch commercials and add to the economy....hehehe.

Take the government comment with a grain of salt....the rural areas are just filled with conspiracy theorists. They are GREAT people once you get to know em'.

If you ever find yourself fixing one these from a rural area there are some things to remember.

When something unexplained breaks, it's aliens or the government.
Don't tell them about blown capacitors. They will hit you .
Tell them it was "Eckno" rays from the planet mars. At this point you should be offered a beer. You are now one of the family. Please consider beer adequate payment for the caps.
For the price of 4 caps my home and family are protected from alien invasion and those pesky black helicopters......hehehehe

Don't hurt yourself ......don't use welding equipment......propane torches are welding equipment....only use the propane whack method for mass removal of parts...don't heat up a push pin with the torch and then use the pin ain't gonna work

Don't let any of the magic smoke genie's out of the square black thingy's on the board......

If all you get is smoke and sparks .....don't blame me

Have a Great Day!!!

Started losing channels. Then

Started losing channels. Then box wouldn' t scan completely. Then a hissing sound. Then never could get a green light again.
Opened the box and found C-8 a 470μf @25v capacitor, often mentioned here. The top was slightly bulged. Went to Radio Shack, purchased a 470μf @ 35v cap for $1.49. A little larger than the original but it will mount, not flush but will mount.
The box is now working again. For how long? Who knows? May just leave the thing on all the time till I get the money to but another box which won' t be an Apex brand.