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I have one of these boxes

I have one of these boxes that died and it was less than a year old. Since I couldn't find the receipt I figured I'd take a look at it and see if there was anything obviously wrong.

Looks like they used cheap caps on the power supply board. Mine were domed and a couple had actually split. If you can, just replace the electrolytic caps on the power supply or have someone you know that can do that kind of work.

No problems here! I've had

No problems here! I've had it since before the conversion and I love it! So sorry to those of you having issues...sounds like a lot of problems for you all. :(

There should be a class

There should be a class action lawsuit started not only against this company but all companies that manufacture converter boxes; they are all scams. I have had 3 Apex Digital Converter boxes within a year and 1 of another kind. The Apex remote control only works for about 4-6 months, then the box is no good because TV operation is dependent upon the remote control buttons. The politicians, media, and news all claimed the switch to digital was easy if you did not have cable, but they lied. These boxes are a way to force to people to BUY cable so that cable companies can make more money.



Dead. Same problem as other

Dead. Same problem as other posts. Red light won't turn green. Apex sucks.

Dead dead dead. And I refuse

Dead dead dead. And I refuse to get Cable. So I guess I will figure out how to get channels some other way. Streaming thru the laptop comes to mind!

This is the worst product

This is the worst product ever, for customer support a got someone to walked me thru with re-setting box to no avail, it is more expensive to fix box hat purchase another @$#&@$..... wasted $50 dls. for nothing, can some one help ??

Mine died after 4 months of

Mine died after 4 months of use (6/09-10/09). I had bought it in Sept 08 in anticipation of the earlier transition so therefore it was past the 1-year warranty by a matter of weeks. When I called they told me I was out of luck for a replacement even though it had sat in the box for the first 8 months that I owned it. I would gladly participate in a class-action lawsuit or senate investigation.

This box is junk. I had three

This box is junk. I had three and now this one sucks. The tollfree number is disconnected. Class action suit is on the way I hope. I am sure going to try.

I've had two go out on me

I've had two go out on me also.

The first one was completely dead (no lights at all). Something was rattling around inside so I took it apart and found 3 blown capacitors (caps blown right off the insides). The second one had a solid red light and wouldn't turn on with remotes or by pressing the button manually. I wonder how many of these are defective.

There needs to be a Senate

There needs to be a Senate investigation about these defective boxes. I was watching American Idol and it suddenly conked out. Now what? No more coupons. What a ripoff!

Well...after less than a

Well...after less than a year, the first of two boxes I bought conked out. Then, about a week later, the second box conked out. Lame.

I have 2 APEX Digital TV

I have 2 APEX Digital TV Converter Box DT250A these boxes are a big rip one of mine just went out the red light wont go out and i have not had it year, you all need to do something or take them off the market.

This box really is a rip off!

This box really is a rip off! My husband bought 3 APEX DT250A boxes, 1 for us, 1 for his brother and 1 for his mother...all three no longer work and we haven't even had them for 2 years. The remotes gave us trouble (all 3 of them) and now none of the boxes can be turned on either by remote or pushing the button on the box. Never again! Time for a new tv.

Well after my first box

Well after my first box failed now its twin has passed as well.Now it is no TV for me until payday next week.This really was not in my budget.Apex sux.

My second box died today -

My second box died today - concur they are bad electronics. Time to punish our elected officials who got us into this mess.

I actually bought mine

I actually bought mine because I moved and the coupons were not valid anymore. i had it just under a year and sometimes when i turn volume down it goes up and today my son walks past the tv as im watching a show it goes blue and usually if it drops a channel it says weak signal but nothing the green light stayed on and at first we couldnt turn the green light off unless un plugging it now it will turn off while pressing it but no go. Junk the last thing i want to do is go buy another box. they are expensive without those coupons junk. thanks I guess its either buy my kids spring clothes or no tv now my son cant even watch his cartoons in the morning. in this economy last thing i want to do is keep replacing boxes. recall on these. or at least a credit if i spend money on something i want it to work more than 8 months

Terrible product. We bought

Terrible product. We bought one and it died 4 months later. Their customer support was no help. Because the retailers in our area only sell Apex, we bought another one. It died like 6 months later. Two units, both went in the same way, the power won't turn on, sometimes the red light comes on, sometimes it doesn't, but no green light, not actual power. Waste of money.

Woke up this morning to a

Woke up this morning to a solid red light. Changed batteries in the remote, unlugged and plugged back in the box, held down the power button on the main box- all to no avail. Then I came on line... Oh, Apex. From all of the other posts, I am assuming our box is dead. And, we, too, had the same remote problems. Just figured we got a bad remote, but I see we are not alone. Isn't the government a gem. Now my health is in their hands...

Add another consumer with a

Add another consumer with a bad APEX box.:(

Mine died over the last month

Mine died over the last month or so. The power light turns green, but nothing comes on, no tv, menu or anything. For awhile, it would work if I turned it off and on a few times until it would come on. The we started leaving it on all of the time. I forgot and turned it off and now we get a green light but never any picture.

It might be the capacitor listed in the instructable above. Thanks for posting it. However, I don't have a soldering iron any more, and it wouldn't be worth it for the little I would use it now.

Now I have to get another box, cable or satellite. I sure won't buy apex. Funny, after reading this thread I feel lucky that mine lasted a year.

I want to add another entry

I want to add another entry to the obituaries.I had all the same remote problems as well.There is absolutely no help from the company.The box gets hot as hell and I am surprised that there are no fire reports from this thing.

The Worst Product on the

The Worst Product on the Market!

Mine died after 8 months. I was watching the news, and poof ... it's gone! I purchased 2 units and the other one is working fine. I get all the channels I should. I have since replaced the unit (at my own expense) twice! The first replacement was another piece of junk. Every day I got different channels and no 2 days were the same. One day, I got 2 out of 3 of the major channels, the next day, they switched, but now I am missing two free movie channels I can still get on my other TV. What's up with this piece of garbage!?

The government should bring a class-action lawsuit against APEX for misleading the public, and the government should know better than to oursource the manufacture of this box.

Someone needs to speak up on all of our behalf!

My box stoped working while I

My box stoped working while I was watching American Idol! I think there should be a senate investigation!

My apex box stoped working

My apex box stoped working after 9 months. Now I can't watch American Idol anymore! Now they want me to buy a new one at full price to replace it (no-more coupons)! There needs to be a senate investigation and hearing!

My mom is a little old lady

My mom is a little old lady now she has no TV to watch because this piece of junk didn't even last a year. Where's our government when we need them to protect us from being ripped off as hard as times are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep. biggest POS ever, have

yep. biggest POS ever, have two of them and from the first day had issues with the control. now it just died, same problem as above, stays red regardless of how long i press the power button.

the federal govt gives us all money to purchase these sets, we all buy 2 even though we might have needed 1. meanwhile thanks to this govt subsidy a surge of demand is created that benefits, CHINA, frigging CHINA the apexdt250 is made in CHINA. what suckers, we take free govt money and we give it to CHINA. got mine at Best buy, it was the only one they were selling, how did APEX get a monopoly on Digital Converters? anyway just sucks, i have no TV.

Remote quit working after

Remote quit working after less than a year of use.

Well, my box died today

Well, my box died today morning. This instrument is a piece of sh*t. No wonder somebody in the govt made money from this co.

My box died last night. No

My box died last night. No Oscars for me. The green light comes on for ten seconds, the screen is static, and then the light goes red again. Is it dead? I feel like after reading the comments I should hold a funeral and toss it out the window. I bought it not even six months ago. I'm so pissed that they forced us to go out and buy this defective crap. ARGH!

This box doesn't work well

This box doesn't work well

my remote keeps eating

my remote keeps eating batteries batteries last about a day

This is the sorriest piece of

This is the sorriest piece of crap i have ver puchased in my life!! Do Not Buy This

Because of this piece of

Because of this piece of crap, I'm going to miss watching the Super Bowl in the safety of my own home. I'll have to go out to watch the game. GO COLTS!!! Who made this crap anyway???

agreed we got one TODAY just

agreed we got one TODAY just for the game and it freezes every like 60 seconds! The picture is good but what the hell you cant watch anything that freezes this much!

This product is

This product is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I purchased 2 converter box's and both of them went out in less then a year. The box's simply just stopped working. I unplugged the box's for a couple of days (just to see if that would help) and still the red light was on (which means it's dead)!! Then I made the GRAVE mistake of calling this company customer service line. Good luck finding someone who speaks ENGLISH. They offer NO support what-so-ever!!!!! After being on hold for about 30 mins, you get someone who barely speaks english and to add insult to injury they tell you to send in the product and pay a fee to have converter box's fixed!! At first I thought I was being PUNK'd, then I realized they were DEAD serious!!!***DO NOT BUY** U can find other ways to waste money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem that most

The problem that most converter boxes (not just Apex) have is that they have a very poor cooling system. It is completely passive. I installed a small 12v cpu fan into mine and do not expect to have any problems. Just clip off the fan connector and plug the red wire into +12v and the black into the GND next to +12v on the power supply board. You are able to just put the bare wire in the connector along with the other wires; there is no need for solder. The operating temperature is 20 degrees celsius lower now. I will likely post an instructable on it sometime soon.

I appreciate you sharing this

I appreciate you sharing this info. If you would be willing to post a slideshow or pics of how to do this and where to buy the necessary products that would really be helpful! Thanks!

for some reason a poor

for some reason a poor cooling system sounds like a manufacturing defect. It is not our jobs as consumers to modify the engineering on products that are going to fail because some dipshit couldn't figure out that their design was crap. Everybody that bought one of these that fails needs to join in on the federal complaint process it is our only recourse.



This box is the biggest waste of money. Within two weeks the remote went bad. Luckily, the store replaced it, but within 5 months it has gone bad. It just completely stopped working. The light went red and when the red power button on the remote is pressed, the red light on the box flashes. Of course the warranty is only for 90 days. Should have known it would fail if they couldn't guarantee it any longer than that. This company needs to do something about this.

ALSO..... When it was


When it was working, the remote would do crazy things daily, such as the volume going up when you were trying to change the channel or vice versa. Pressing a number and then something else happens. This was constant. We thought the wires were loose because the picture always appeared to have static, but after connecting a new box (different brand, of course)with the same wires, we realize that it was actually just the box.

This is a new comment; can't

This is a new comment; can't find the proper location. Mon 1/11/01

More info for Apex DTV converter Box DT250. Especially for those of you have accidentally pressed the CCD button on the remote and find that you have teletext and closed captions 24/7 with no method of turning off.

The teletext and/or captioning has not been placed on your tv by the manufacturer of the tv, or the captioning companies themselves for the following reasons observed in the past 24 hours:

Deutsche Wella, and other truly foreign stations do not display this captioning which is being paid for. Also, an old movie late last night did not display it.

Your tv is OK, so this indicates that you can toss the DT250 out, preferably through a Window of Apex Digital, Inc. Just a comment, don't accuse me of fomenting violence, just describing on of my favorite fantasies. I am saying that probably you can safely get rid of it that way. As a last resort.

I have added, to my original email complaint to the FCC, a phone complaint to the FTC. 1-877-382-4357. English speaking personnel. FCC advised me to go to them as the ones most likely to take action on our behalf. FCCm not so much. However, I have spoken my piece to both, as Apex has generated enough adrenalin to go around. And in so, doing, shot down, with them, the various fictitious solutions, excuses, and denial of responsibility and/or liability by Apex, as I go.

The very courteous agent at FTC, who told me that all calls are recorded so that no details will be missed, advised me that a more likely fruitful venue to pursue vis a vis, legal action being initiated, which could result in compensation to us poor suckers holding the bad box bag, in the State of California would be The State Consumer Protection Agency. Their tolll-free phone no. is 1-800-952-5225. As my adrenalin level has pretty much leveled off for today, I will call them tomorrow, and let you know tomorrow evening if it seems worthwhile. But, like chicken soup, it probably couldn't hurt. A bientot!

My POS DR250a also died. The

My POS DR250a also died. The power button would blink when pressed but not turn green.

I fixed mine following the instructions at this link. (not a exact photo but the bad cap was bloated)

I have already made my

I have already made my complaint, and read all of the disheartening reports. Has anyone purchased a replacement converter box that they liked? I am at the point of what do I do now. Also, I am the person who has had closed Captioning /teletext turned on by Apex----Unwanted, and with no mechanism for getting rid of it. There is no OFF location choice on the menu: only Automatic or Custom.

Would be happy to hear from someone with the same problem who has surmounted it, or better yet, obliterated it! I don't know if the captioning would bleed through.

Will check back tomorrow.

thank god someone gave this

thank god someone gave this thing to me for free... it still works but sometimes it will shut off and come back on over and over again, then no joke i bang on it and it works again, the remote is junk 2, it takes about five presses of a button to make the box respond and sometimes it will change the volume instead of the channel.

I'm also having trouble with

I'm also having trouble with my Apex box, but it seems slightly different than the rest of you. The box won't turn on - the power light isn't even red, just off. Anyone else in this boat? Or have ideas on how to fix it?



I have never owned an Apex

I have never owned an Apex product before buying this converter box. It is a piece of sh*t. They should be recalled. I have 2 days left on my waarranty and the remmote died. Did everything prescribed to remedy the problem. Nothing worked. Unplugged all cables, everything. The box is hot to the touch wheneber it is on. Now, I cannopt tell whether it is just the remote that is bad or the u nit itself.

Meanwhile, I bought an Insignia box from Best Buy at the same time that I bought the Apex DT250. I hooked up the Insignia box to the cables that were on the Apex box. Guess what? Without any reorienting of the antenna or reprogramming, I was able to pull in 7 new channels. Called Apex and they want me to pay to send in the remote. You would think a company would send something as cheap as a remote without asking for the old part. When I called Apex, I asked for the part number and they told me that there is none and I would have to order it from them. They would not me the code for the box. I asked if it was an 8 bit, 16 bit, or what. They said they didn't know. I don't believe a word they said. There is no way that I am going to spend almost $20.00, a third of the cost of a new remote to run this piece of sh*t box.


these boxes are a rip off

these boxes are a rip off there is over a 70% falure rate some die as soon as you plug it in the first time. we need a lawyer to do a class action law suit against Apex. Look at any other reputable company the complaints against this defective product are overwhelming

I just submitted my own

I just submitted my own horror story with the DT250, with the exception that According to Sony top echelon of tech help (given to me by my local repair co.who wanted Sony to confirm his opinion:) Apex DT250 apparently placed some software into my perfectly functioning Sony from a time when manufacturers took pride in their products.

In my case, an accidental touch of the CCD button on the remote, which is placed among the tuning buttons turned on the teletext, of which I had never heard previously, and it has been running 24/7 right across the screen for weeks now, with no way to remove it. Have tried Apex cust svc till running thru all of their misleading statements.

Apparently, this digital changeover had turned our tv sets into "read only" computers with no control over "pop-ups from hell" which continue unabated until the consumer gives up and replaces it, hopefully, purchasing a service such as cable or satellite. NOT! So sick of reruns running mid season anyway! Folks, Do you know that your public library has free DVDS in inventory sizes depending on the size of your locale POR NADA!

I heartily agree that what we need is a class action suit to compensate us. In my case for a tv set for the one they have destroyed. Also, let this be a warning to others about to purchase, or are just being annoyed by malfunction. THIS UNIT COULD DESTROY YOUR TV SET1