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I also feel a little better

I also feel a little better that I am not the only person that owns this piece of s---. I have had my two boxes for about 9 mos. I was gone for labor day wk. end and when I came back home both had the red light syndrome. The red light just flickers when you press the power button. My bro in law is on his second Apex box in the breakroom at his job. I guess I won't be watching t.v. because I have just joined the unemployment club. Just when I need the distraction of t.v. to keep my mind occupied both boxes go out.

We bought one for our break

We bought one for our break room at Vons about 5 months ago. It died about 2 weeks ago.

Found some 470u 35v

Found some 470u 35v capacitors at my local Radio Shack that worked great! Thanks for the info on the fix everyone!

They blow out every time you

They blow out every time you turn it off!! who wants to spend all there time replacing these every 9-12 months or every time you shut the dam thing off!! How long did your repair last? Mine lasted 3 months than when turned off another capaciter blew! so frustrating & wastful time consuming. They get a zero rating & NO one should bother with these parts made in china that are defective & put into converter boxes.

So Ive had the box for a week

So Ive had the box for a week and now there is no power at all, no red light no green light. WTF? could it be that something is blown already??? help!!

Thanks to all of you

Thanks to all of you suggesting capacitor replacement. If anyone has the "red light" problem, do not be afraid to fix it. Radioshack has what you need, and I looked up a tutorial on youtube to make sure I didn't do anything stupid. Its easy to see the bulge in the top of the bad cap. Solder iron, screwdriver, and a 470uF25v cap and ya got TV back. Thanks again.

Thanks to everyone who posted

Thanks to everyone who posted their unified problem with Apex red light syndrome. I also had this problem and have just fixed it with the 470uf 25v capacitor. For anyone reading, should you buy the capacitor from RadioShack, the one they provide may not appear to fit diameter-wise between the surrounding components. I tried to find a smaller diameter capacitor of the same uf and voltage at local tv shops, but to no avail. Finally just used the wide one and left it up a bit on its leads above the circuit board. According to the youtube tutorial this is called "high waters." Well, it still worked and I have tv again, so don't be afraid! Good luck.

I would also like to thank

I would also like to thank all who advised replacement
Of c8 capacitor work Ausome.
Would like to suggest though parts are very cheap
To buy gas it takes to get to radio shack or whereever
Does not , I used a capacitor with suggested
Rating out of and old Broken DVD player, had to solder
A little more but never left the house or spent a dime.not to
Mention the abundance of parts available
From Broken components,
Thanks C.H.

Can you post the link to the

Can you post the link to the Youtube video that shows how to repair the converter box. Thank you.

OK-this is the second Apex

OK-this is the second Apex box that when unplugged temporarily and then plugged back in will not change channels. tried switching around between Aux to channel 3 & 4 and then back to Aux but still the Apex remote won't work (except to turn on/off). I DO have green light and the batteries are good. Anybody have this problem?

How I fixed mine, there were

How I fixed mine, there were 2 boards inside, the small one with the power cord attached is the culprit. There are a few black and grey capacitors on the board. One had an obvious bulge on top. I pulled the 4 screws, unhooked the cord, flipped the board over, and replaced the fattie cap with one salvaged from a Subaru instrument cluster, 470uf, 16v. There was another cap bulging on the tuner board (the other, bigger one), but I left it alone.
Thanks to all the geeks who figured this fix out! I have to wonder how much of the auto componentry I replace each day has failed from this batch of plagued caps!!!! It can cost many hundreds to replace a car's computer or speedo head for some damn two-bit cap!
Thanks, hope this helps. FREE TV FOREVER!!!!!eeej

Can someone please post step

Can someone please post step by step directions on how to repair or replace the capacitor or however to fix this? I have opened the cover but i have no clue what to look for. HELP!!!

I've had my Apex converter

I've had my Apex converter box for just over a year and after not watching TV for about 5 months, I decided to give'er a go once again. Well, I've been plagued too with the "RED LIGHT" issue. It won't turn on. No green light. Just a flickering red light when I press the power button. When I purchased this box from Best Buy, the sales clerk told me the only difference between this Apex converter box ($20...Rebate covered half of that) and the other brand on sale for $40 was that you could control the other one by buttons on the unit as well as the remote. I figured, "hey no big deal, if the remote dies, I'll just get new batteries to operate it, why pay the extra money?" Well, I should have just bit the bullet and gone with the other one. I am fresh out of college, looking for work, don't want to pay for cable, and I can honestly say that taking a sledge hammer to this POS out on the street curb would offer me more entertainment anyday over watching reality TV on cable!

Does anyone else have the

Does anyone else have the problem where the sounds works but no video? I've tried different cables and different antennas to no avail. Very frustrating! Any advice?

Add mine to the Red light

Add mine to the Red light problem. Decided to open it and sure enough one of the 470ohm 25v caps on the power supply were "expanded." Pulled out the solder iron and replaced the cap with a 470ohm 16v (only thing I had) and everything works fine now. I guess mine WAS also part of the Capacitor Curse. (will replace the 470ohm 16v with a 25v once my ebay order gets shipped.)

Not that this is a shock, but

Not that this is a shock, but I have 2 Apex boxes that have both gone to "red light" status in the last month. Haven't tried contacting Apex yet; need to locate the receipts first. But I know they're both in warranty. If they give me the same $10 deal as a previous poster, I will seriously consider contacting the FTC as well.

My aunt brought one for me to

My aunt brought one for me to fix since I know a thing or two about electronics, judging by the responces here I'd say I have to replace a couple of capacitors in the main power supply, now where's my sodering iron ... it's still a scam though ... come to think of it ... what is left to do when no television is available? Go out and enjoy life outside our homes? As somebody who doesn't watch television very often and recognize the joys of going outside, I'd say this might be a good thing, I mean to try to go out more, if it doesn't work, just hold on to the box and find somebody to replace capacitors ... might even be a good time to learn how to fix other things. Hey, might be a good time to go out and smell the air and try to get in tune with our weather predicting abilities ... At any rate, you are entitled to file a complaint, and given that enough people do file, might get more than the bos was worth. My final advise, don't get angry at anything, anger does make things worse, and come to think about it, if you were able to make a post, then you have access to a computer right? Go the extra mile and get your computer hooked up to the TV, get a wireless mouse and keyboard and soon you'll find all the good shows you've ever asked for in one convenient location and time ... PEACE.

Surprise surprise.. Had the

Surprise surprise.. Had the darn thing for about 8months and it crashed red light won't turn green yippie!! Now not only am I a single mother who works and goes to school I can't afford cable or another box. Think I just make a phone call to Fox 4 and have them do all the dirty work.

That's a wonderful Idea.. Fox

That's a wonderful Idea.. Fox eight here. think I'll do the same. enough is enough. you don't just take ppl's money, and no solution to the problem of the products. no techs, becomes our problem, of having to find a way to come up with the money to replac, or purchase new digital tv or be with out. it's wrong

what a POS this apex box

what a POS this apex box is....6 months and solid red light

Well what more is there to

Well what more is there to say that hasn't already been said about these fine fine pieces of Chinese equipment?? At least they can make decent food!...or at least teach the Mexican cooks to make it for them.
Just lost the 2nd of 2 that I bought about this time last year. The first one died about 4 months ago. I think a Class Action is definitely worthy in this case. Take action people and do as a previous person commented about contacting the FTC and report this problem. Apex is not acting in good faith by selling these boxes knowing that they WILL NOT LAST more than a year if you are lucky. Most seem to only last for months. They have made millions of dollars off of these converter boxes so we should make them pay us back for the grief they have caused!!
I have 2 other boxes that are made by Magnavox (The Funai Corporation) that are operating just fine if that matters because I'm sure they are probably made in the same sweat shop factory that Apex uses even though Funai is a Japanese Company and could probably make a comparable converter from leftover parts from a wristwatch.

The fix! I had THREE of these

The fix!

I had THREE of these boxes to die on me, each after about 6 months. I heard the capacitor blow out on the last one. I searched online and found that someone had repaired their's by replacing a blown 470uf capacitor on the power supply. I opened mine and there it was, the 470uf cap was blown out on the power supply. (This is caused by the "Capacitor Plague"

I just replaced that cap with Radio Shack part number 272-1030 ($1.29) and it works! Tomorrow, I'll check the other two!


i replaced the 470 capacitor

i replaced the 470 capacitor in my two as well put a 35 v in instead of 25v , and i am pulling in more stations before i was only getting 1 station now i get 3, go figure. they can be fixed easy. dont deal with apex or buy new . get it fixed

Thank you. I'm going to try

Thank you. I'm going to try this too!! We'll see what happens.

I opened mine up to see if I

I opened mine up to see if I noticed anything bubbled or loose and I don't see anything. When I plugged it back in all hooked up I hear a high pitched screech sound. How do you tell which capacitor is broken. I checked out your wiki link too and don't see any capacitors like that in mine.

I'm giving up on APEX after reading all this and going to another brand. I may still try to fix it for another TV or something if I find the answer on what to fix.


Thanks for this information,

Thanks for this information, because I contact the 866 number and they wanted to charge me $10 under the warranty. Now the warranty has expired and they asking for $30. I also pulled up information that they have taken this model off the market. I have a magavox and haven't had any problems with it. I was informed by a friend that Apex products has a lot of problems even with the cd's and dvd's.

awesome thanks! works

awesome thanks! works perfect!

Where is this capacitor

Where is this capacitor located? I've looked and I don't see anything 'blown'.

Do you recall what position

Do you recall what position the blown cap was in?

How do you recognize a cap

How do you recognize a cap that is "blown out"?
Is there a "bulge" in the top of it?

Hello Beauevil was it the

Hello Beauevil was it the capacitor in slot L2

Do you have to solder the

Do you have to solder the capacitor or just snap it in?

i had this box for a year and

i had this box for a year and it broke down about 3 days ago. this box sucks. i have had the same tv for 14 years and it has out lasted this piece of crap. this box isn't even worth calling technology.

I have the same problem. I

I have the same problem. I got the APEX DT250 after receiving the coupon from the government. This piece of crap broke down a week ago.

This is the 3rd Apex dt250

This is the 3rd Apex dt250 that has died on me...what a joke. Get the insignia model, nicer interface and will last longer than this POS

I also have three apex dt250

I also have three apex dt250 converter boxes. 2 are broken now just waiting for 3rd to go. All in less than a year. I refuse to buy cable.

Well it looks like I have

Well it looks like I have joined the minions of dissatisfied Apex owners. Mine stopped last night - same thing - no green light. A very bright red light. Unplugged for a day and plugged in tonight. Nothing. Looks like this might be some kind of timed thingy as it is just about a year old. Bummer. No more Apex for me.

Yep, we got one and within

Yep, we got one and within months, it died. Only got a red flickering light. We got it at Best Buy and they replaced it since it was under warranty. But now the second just went out tonight. Same exact thing. This box is definitely a bad quality product in my opinion. We were careful to make sure there was plenty of ventilation around it and all that good stuff. I'm conviced that they are not built to last. Waste of money for sure.

I had been given one of these

I had been given one of these as a gift from my grandmother and it broke in 5 months. when i called to have it fixed they told me without a reciept it would cost me $30 to have it fixed. they said if i found the receipt then it would only cost $10. They said that is their warrenty policy. i contacted the FTC and filed a report against the company. They said they will give the report to their lawyers and if they find a pattern of behavior or any illegal activity, then they will pursue apex and send letters to everyone who filed complaints stating what they are doing and how it will help. The FTC's number is 1-877-382-4357. You will need Apex phone number or their location. Apex customer care line is 866-427-3946. and they are located in walnut, california.

i should feel better reading

i should feel better reading all of this, because at least i'm not the lone ranger... but i DON'T...i have been without tv now for over a month. didn't know there was a waranty, but it's been 9 months or so anyway..and i can't find the box or receipt or any of that happy horsesh*t.. hurricane season and no weather or news or ANY BLOODY THING...(sorry i have a lot of pent-up rage) but after reading all of this maybe it IS the remote... after all the box is useless without it, right?? maybe if i get out my stupid little toolbox and ... no, no... just a sledge hammer will do the trick!!!!!!!!! if i start messing with that damn thing again and get my hopes up that it might just, i kon't know.."WORK"... i'll end up with a stroke instead... shouldn't they have to DO something... OUR government... NTIA... someone, anyone...after all this was thier brilliant plan??!!??

I bought two of these, one

I bought two of these, one for the living room, and one for the master bedroom. The living room one died maybe about three or four months of using it. The master bedroom one wasn't used much, and it was still working, so we moved that one to the living room TV. 4 months later, surprise, surprise, it died exactly the same way the first one died. Showed only static even when there was a green light. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in, and it turned red. Now when I press the power button, all it does is show me a red flashing light. I just bought a different brand of converter box. If it doesn't break down, then it justifies how much this APEX converter box stinks. I'm only lucky that I got the two boxes at a discount. Worst 6 bucks spent.

I would like to thank the

I would like to thank the U.S. Government for conspiring with the cable companies to force people to pay for entertainment. I have six children so lets just say that cable is an unnecessary expense. The only they they could watch was public television. Now they can watch nothing. I am just glad it died now rather than later because I would have been mad to miss my season Finales. Why would I pay more to have something fixed than it cost to buy it.

I got this converter box last

I got this converter box last year as mandated by the federal government. After less than a year, the box has stopped working. As I have no income, my son bought this box for me. I cannot ask him to buy another, so I am unable to even watch the weather. I live in an area where weather problems are significant. Seems like the converter box that was required of me to watch free (?) television, as I certainly cannot afford cable, should have lasted longer. I think the government should go back to regular television for those who are less fortunate and depend on the television to know what is going on in the community.

this is a piece of crap!

this is a piece of crap! i've had it weeks and it has never worked correctly unlike the dtv pal box i have on another tv!

Ditto here. Red light, won't

Ditto here. Red light, won't change to green. Add mine to the heap of dead converters.

OK so I agree with the person

OK so I agree with the person that said this box blows!!! I have 2 different kinds of boxes in my home and use this one very little. It is less then one year old and now the red light stays on. After I held it down for a while it finally turned green but still no picture!!! My other one is wonderful!!! I can get twice as many channels on it with the same antenna in the same location that I used to have this one!!! To sum it all up... this box sucks!!! Big waste of Money!!!

This box blows.

This box blows.

I just got back from

I just got back from vacation, tried to turn on the tv and the piece of junk ApexDT250 won't work. I get the green light to come on, but no picture at all. It was working before I left for vacation. I live alone so nobody messed with it while I was gone. Wow, a 90 day warranty, ohhh do me just one more favor...

Same thing happened to me -

Same thing happened to me - Remote powers on and off but only get black screen, and no other buttons on the remote does anything at all...definitely garbage product!

I got the same thing green

I got the same thing green light but no pictures after 6 months. So I rushed and bought a new one. This new one also didn't solve the problem! I am definitely going to return it tomorrow and get my money back.