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I have this piece of crap in

I have this piece of crap in house also and today it just stopped working! It comes on and everything but it says no signal...Do a channel auto search and it keeps going to channel 2-1 and that's it. Can anyone please help me!! I'm on a fixed income and can't afford to buy anything right now but I need a t.v. CRAPPY BOXES! Should I replace the capacitors???????

woke up this morning and the

woke up this morning and the light was red and wont come back on... tried unplugging, and everything... ugh... how do i fix this??

just took mine back to best

just took mine back to best buy after only two weeks of use. all of a sudden start blinking "weak signal" then black. remote wouldn't work and couldn't even power-down via the button on the box! sucks. went to radio shack and got a digital stream.



RE: Apex DT250 I had the same problem with the red light not switching to green and no signal being pulled in to view television. I called Apex and did the entire run around. They wanted $30 to look at the situation before and extra to fix it. They were obviously massed produced in a speedy fashion in order to make money off of the U.S. Government and tax payers.

I purchased a 470uF capacitor at Radio Shack as recommended. It cost $1.49

It was easy breesy to find the C8 component, melt sodder, pull out component, replace new capacitor and re-sodder. Tears nearly blinded my view of television being once again aired on my old Sanyo television.

Thank you very much to all the fine folks who posted help regarding fixing the Apex DT250. Many people don't realize how elderly still rely on basic television reception. Not everyone can afford cable or satellite tv. I'm most appreciative for your consideration of posting online help.

Disgruntal Apex Consume

P.S. Shame on you Apex

I did this repair & it was

I did this repair & it was only temporary & blew out again on daylight savings time! Ive had it with Apex converter boxes & am not going through this replacement process every 3 months. this should have worked right in the first place.

A word of warning. if you do the repair & shut off...the same thing happens AGAIN!! Not only am I pissed at this defective converter box. I am very upset that Best Buy will not take it back. I used my gov coupon as I am on limited income & can not get another coupon because that expired. So all of this was for nothing.

This Apex converter box should recieve a Zero Star rating.

I have gone thru 3 boxes in a

I have gone thru 3 boxes in a year...they are crap! Bought the first one and then when that one died got a couple from friends who no longer used them. These only lasted about four or five months max. I really have no experience in fixing electronics--does Radio Shack fix these?

They are definitely crap.

They are definitely crap.

If you take yours to a repair person it will probably cost you more to repair it than it cost new. Trust me, I had no experience in fixing electronics either but I repaired both of my dead boxes for about $6.

Read some of the more recent posts about repairing the boxes. When I read the posts, most of the posts were about one capacitor, a 470uF 25V capacitor in the c8 slot. The capacitors are labeled and the board is also labeled so you can find the right capacitor. Look for the 470uF capacitor and the 1000uF capacitors since they seem to be the bad ones. The top should be perfectly flat. The bad capacitors are bowed slightly and frequently look darkened or burned/leaking on the bottom where they are attached to the board.

The problem most people were having is the red light on the converter would not turn green. Replacing the 470uF capacitor fixed that problem. The problem I had was different. My red light would turn green but no tv stations would come on. I noticed that I had 4 or 5 1000uF 10v capacitors that were rounded. I bought a bunch of capacitors online from an electronics store, got out my soldering iron and removed the old capacitors and soldered in the new ones. Read some of these posts, decide which problem your box has, and try to repair one of the boxes if you have a soldering iron. It is much easier than it sounds.

You can read my original posts on 11/8 @3:48 and my followup post after I repaired the boxes on 11/20 @5:44. I provide some details about the capacitors I bought if your problem is the same as mine was. Look at it as a learning experience. Your boxes doesn't work now so you probably have little to lose by trying to fix one your self.

I got mine fixed by using

I got mine fixed by using your method which put out 4 rounded capacitors then I replace 4 good capacitors that from old PC power supply. plug it and it works like before. yeah!!

thanks a lot to post this information.

My remote doesn't work at all

My remote doesn't work at all (even with new batteries) but I can turn the converter box on by pushing the red button on the box. The problem then is that I only get the channel it was tuned to when the problem started. Does anyone know if this type of problem also means I need new capacitor? Thanks!

Not sure if this will

Not sure if this will help......but mine wasn't working, i got very angry and hit it...magically it came back on!!!

I been trying to get mine to

I been trying to get mine to work by hitting it, no luck so far......

My APEX digital converter box

My APEX digital converter box just died after only one year. I was watching TV and the set went off. The light on the converter box went from green to red. I put new bateries in the remote and it still does not work. I am really mad because I paid $55.00 for it from Best Buy about a year ago. The APEX was the ONLY converter box Best Buy had.I went to Best Buy today to exchange it and they didn't have ANY converters in stock at all. I was told I had to go into the city of Chicago to the Best Buy in the John Handcock center to do an exchange. Funny thing, a year ago the store had & sold thousands and now they don't even carry any models. It seems they made their money and the heck with the consumer.

junk I`am on my 2nd one in

junk I`am on my 2nd one in one year

My Problem is Slightly

My Problem is Slightly different too

I was successful fixing my APEX tonight. I want to thank everyone that posted here as I could have not done this without you. As the other poster said, There were 6 caps slightly bulged on the main board. These were the 10v 1000uF ones. I first replaced the C8 on the power board but this did not work fix the box. I then purchased 6 High temp 16 volt 1000uF caps and installed them tonight. They are slightly larger, maybe double in size to the old ones. On two of them, I had to stand them of the board since they were too close together. I will also note that the old ones were worse on the bottom than the slight bulged tops. Most of them blew out the bottom and were more bulged there. Some leaked goop on the board.

The caps were about $3 a piece because of the high temp value I guess so I spent about $20 fixing this. Well worth the time and effort since I have never replaced this many components before to fix an electrical problem. Hope this helps others. Here is a link to some pix.


Upon reading these comments,

Upon reading these comments, I went and had the capacitor in the C8 slot replaced, and voila! It works! Thank you everyone for your info. It is truly appreciated, especially by someone such as myself who is unemployed and can't afford the shell out another $60 for a new one. And on a side note: the capacitor in my box at the C8 slot DID NOT look blown out. So if you're doubting the info you read here due to that reason, just trust me, that's the problem. Good day, everyone! :)

Two of the Apex converters

Two of the Apex converters that I bought only one year ago went out within one month of each other. Was getting ready to throw them in the trash but thought I would check out the internet. The problem on both of them is that the red light won't go to green. I opened up the box and the C8 cap is bulged on top so I will replace it. The other caps on the other board all appear to be okay but those will be next if the C8 doesn't work. Thanks for the information.

My problem is slightly

My problem is slightly different. My unit will turn on (red light changes to green) but internally it doesn't turn on (no stations on the tv). I looked at the 470uf 25v capacitor in the c8 slot but it doesn't appear to be rounded on top. There are about four or five capacitors on the green board that appear to be rounded very slightly, all 1000uf 10v capacitors. Also one of the capacitors is sitting at an angle, for whatever that is worth. Any likelihood one of these is the problem or should I still replace the 470uf 25v capacitor?

I originally posted the

I originally posted the 11/08/2010 comment about the 1000uf 10v capacitors. I could not get the capacitors locally so I ordered some online from I got them today and replaced the five bad capacitors. Voila!! The converter works like new (so far). After browsing online and comparing capacitors, here's the specs for what I ordered:

Panasonic EEUFR1A102L
aluminum electrolytic capacitors
capacitance: 1000uf 10v (larger voltage is ok)
Design: radial
Capacitance Tolerance: +/- 20%
Voltage rating: 10v
Lifetime@ Temperature: 8000 hours @105 degrees C
Height: 15mm
Diameter: 8mm

The capacitors look just like the ones I removed but a different brand. They cost $0.38 per capacitor.

OK, my problem is exact to

OK, my problem is exact to "anonymous on 11/8/2010 @ 3:48. I replaced the C8 today with no success to my problem. The screech is heard while the unit is off. I have 6 of the 1000 uf 10v caps bulged on the main board and one of them appears to have leaked a small brown spot on the board. I am going to try and change these 6 caps. So.. mine turns on and off, I get no output and I have the screeching sound while off (red light on). The pass through still works.

Same Apex POS converter box

Same Apex POS converter box red light problem. When will the FTC step in? I have had 3 of my 4 go out within 2 months now. AWESOME, not.

Can someone Help me please. I

Can someone Help me please. I know my electronics and saw the blown capacitor (C8) right away. I saw that someone recomended useing a 470uF 35v capacitor. I whent out and bought it and replaced the blowen capacitor. I still have the red light syndrome going on. What am I missing? Do I need to replace something else?

Hi, I was mad at first

I was mad at first when my 2 Apex converters conked out after about a year. But thanks to the fellow who figured out what was wrong, I opened up the units and got out my soldering iron.
I replaced the (C8) capacitors in them and both of them work OK now. I hope you know that electrolytic capacitors are polarized, which means that they will fail (even explode) if hooked up backwards. The 470 uf 35 V capacitors from Radio Shack are not marked + or - that I could see. Apparently the metal can connection is the - side. Hook the other side to +. If this was the problem just replace it again. I hope this helps. If anyone else wants pictures of the replacement procedure, I can oblige.
Anonymous too.

My APEX DT250 is also broken.

My APEX DT250 is also broken. Can you send me the pictures? I am new at this type of thing but willing to try. The C8 on my brown board is a black and silver can shaped capacitor. Some one else wrote and said that theirs was green. I want to make sure that I am replacing the same thing. Phil

Add me to the list of red

Add me to the list of red lighters. Judging from the comments I feel like I might be correct in assuming it's a planned obsolescence conspiracy to force people to get cable. Well guess what ... I'm NOT!!! Are there any other boxes available besides this piece of crap Apex box? I think it's an absolute disgrace that the coupon program boxes are JUNK. Fortunately I can spring for another hopefully better box. I feel bad for those who can't. I could try fixing this one but I'm too disgusted with this piece of junk to bother!

Help Please. I replaced the

Help Please. I replaced the C8 capacitor for a 470uF 35v. I still have the red light syndrom. Did I miss something? What else needs to be done for this box to work again?

the better converter box is a

the better converter box is a magnavox, it may not the best, but it work very well. go to ebay to find the best price, around 40 dollers. the computer guy



I agree, we have had our less

I agree, we have had our less than three months and it no longer works, went out while I was watching TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is going on with these

What is going on with these converter boxes? Had my box since mandated by government in Feb. 2009 and now I also have a constant 'red' light and can't receive tv!!!!!!! I've read all comments and it looks like AP
EX flooded the market with a cheap product knowing the box would crap out within the warranty and the consumer would have to purchase a new box. I believe the FTC should be involved in correcting this issue. It's disgusting to know this company used inferrior parts that would have to be replaced in less than a year. Where is the protection for those consumers who do not want cable, dish, or satellite tv; who are on a fix income; who can't aford to buy another box???? Is there any agency out there that's looking into this matter?

None of the buttons on the

None of the buttons on the remote control work, only the on and off buttons. I can't use this thing without having the menu button. Why doesn't it work? Please help!

I also have (2) of these that

I also have (2) of these that have failed. They are definitely junk.

EASY FIX!!!! open it up. on


open it up. on the brown board, capacitor C8 is blown. replace it with a 470uF capacitor rated 16v or higher. Presto!

Why does it blow? APEX are f@#!ing dickheads. They use a 10v capacitor in place of a 16v where it really counts. It's a 10 cent part, costing you $50. Simple economics.

Thank You I to had the RED

Thank You I to had the RED LIGHT problem, But I went to radio shack to buy 470uf 35 volt.capacitor.for $1.57 and works better than NEW.

I Had the same problem as you

I Had the same problem as you I did what you said and the box works great. It cost me 1.47 thank you so much..........

Just replace all the caps on

Just replace all the caps on both boards. APEX and the US Government have put us through a good scam.

Oh yeah. "just replace all

Oh yeah. "just replace all caps on both boards." People need help not more scammers like you. If you had a flat tire, would you fix/replace all the tires including the spare or just the one flat tire? Idiot. Thanks to those whom stated 'C8' was an obvious culprit after opening my APEX DT 250 converter box. Bought the proper cap as suggested, now dangit I kant find my soldering pencil/iron!~ Momma, break out the matches! (Just a joke here folks), proper soldering techniques are required, we don't want to be singing christmas carols around a burnt out tv viewing area! Thanks to all posters except the idiot who would rather spend time replacing everythang! versus identifying the problem as indicated.

How do you know which one is

How do you know which one is blown? Is it marked C8? I'm not familiar w/ electronics. I know the part is at radio shack.

I also have the red button

I also have the red button that won't turn green and just flickers when I push it. I could also hear a higher frequency sound. Its definately a bad capacitor. The bad capacitor is on the brown board that also has the power cord connected to it holds the C8 capacitor that is definately the culprit. It should be clearly marked C8 on the board and in mine the capacitor itself was olive green. Unlike several other people have stated mine was not noticeably bulging or burned out looking in fact everything looked ok but I went to radio shack and bought the 470u 35v capacitor for $1.49. Heated up the 2 points on the back side of the board with a soldering iron and slowly wiggled out the bad capacitor. Next I stuck the tip of the soldering iron in the holes to make room for the new capacitor. Pushed the new capacitor(mine was blue) back down through the two holes and clipped the leads on the back side. A couple dabs of solder over the leads, put the case back on and presto. My converter box was back. For $1.49 :) I already had the soldering iron and the solder but I saw them both at radio shack and the soldering irons were 8.99 and the solder was about 3.50 Wow was I thankful for all the help I found on this page. Hope my post helps someone as well.

Thank you for posting your

Thank you for posting your solution. We just replaced the same culprit and it works fine!

I also had the same Red

I also had the same Red button problem and I replaced the capacitor 470u 35v as posted. It worked for one day and then it died again ! Anyone have the same problem ? Does it matter that it's a 35v instead of 25v (original).


I bought mine 5/2009 and it

I bought mine 5/2009 and it just died. The green light is on but no TV signal... Seems to me that these cheap converter box are made to last a year or so...
Is there a converter box well-made and at least made to last for 5-10 years out there?

Well our problem is that the

Well our problem is that the converter box wont show anything, but wont shut off.. The light stays green with no screen.. hmm, im starting to wonder if this is a conspiracy.. we've had our APEX for a year now, and no problems.. even used it this morning, came down to use it again and it was on, green light and everything, but no screen, just ur normal fuzzy screen.. Anybody else have this problem?? Anything we can do to fix it ourselves..?

I did. the first box, the red

I did. the first box, the red turns off and green light turns on, but the green is supposed to give picture, it does nothing,like there is no connection from the box to the tv. the second box the green button makes connection, but gives the black screen with the no signal icon bouncing around like a screen savor. I really think this was a quick dollar sceme. and I don't like it. I logged on to an sent a message and still have not gotten a response. and, don't think that I will. and to go out and buy other brands or a box period is very expensive.

I called Apex service toll

I called Apex service toll free number and a Indian sounding woman gave me a reset procedure. It didn't work for me, but maybe it will work for you. She told me to press and hold the power on/off button for 39 seconds then unplug the unit for 3minutes, plug the unit back in, hit the power on/off button so the light changes from red to green. hope you have better luck with this than I did.

I fixed it ok what u have to

I fixed it ok what u have to do is if the box turns off and on when it says no signal or low signal press menu on your remote and press down once and press ok twice and it will scan the channels and wait for it to finish and then press exit then go to the channel u like :D

Mind died on me too. Seems

Mind died on me too. Seems Like APEX A$$$ dies after One Year. Can you imagine going home and no TV. Money funny so now I have to hunt for anybody who has an extra. I know one thing, hell will freeze over before I get Cable!!!! If you have cable, direct TV, etc., you dont need the converter. Soundsd fishy to me.

I agree its a damn conspiracy

I agree its a damn conspiracy

It has to be planned -- I had

It has to be planned -- I had two, lightly used as I had satellite, and they both quit about the same time. One wasn't even plugged in most of the time!

I'm so mad my converter box

I'm so mad my converter box won't work. I have the terminal red light problem myself. I don't know how to fix electronics so I don't see myself running down to Radio Shack for the parts. Won't Apex do something about these worthless boxes? I don't even think I still have the receipt. What a bunch of malarkey.

Im really pissed off too! I

Im really pissed off too! I just spent days trouble shooting to no avail. My convertor box light stays green or red with no damn tv. Im not paying cable either. what is with these convertor boxes working for a year & going out. I just spent days with out tv. thanks for the info on how to fix this. hope it works..apex needs to improve these & the gov needs to relace these defective pieces of *@#%$!!!